Hi! Welcome to Bob and Bob Productions. We're an animation and design studio specializing in simplicity, bold colors, and education. Be sure to check out either our Creative or Technical animation work below... (or both!)


Character Animation Demo Reel

This is a combination of work done for clients and personal endevors, demonstrating our full capacity to make people laugh, cry, and gasp.

Technical Animation Demo Reel

These are clips from training videos, public service announcements, and advertisements we developed. They are designed to educate an audience, or persuade logically, and have a more serious timbre.

Billy y las Botas

This is a music video designed to help american students learn spanish.To see this video with subtitles, view the video on the official site at Senor Wooly.

Firefighters' Emergency Operation Demo

These are clips from the Firefighters' Emergency Operation Training DVD we did for NAESA international. We've condensed 5 hours into this short clip, showing our favorite scenes.

Firefighters' Emergency Operation DVD Promotion

This is an advertisement for the training DVD on Firefighters' Emergency Operation, done in the style of infographic animation. We also developed the training DVD, and made this promotional piece to help describe what it was.


Dentista was a project commisioned by Senor Wooly, as an educational video to help middle school students learn spanish through cartoons. In it, a girl is forced to go to the dentist, even though she doesn't want to. However, the dentist has a dark secret...

¡Qué Asco! Concept Art

Concept art for the upcoming Señor Wooly cartoon, "¡Qué Asco!"

Ditto Product Renders

360 degree digital visualizations of glasses for sale at ditto.com. Bob and Bob productions acts as the primary provider of 3D glasses meshes for ditto.com. Maybe you should go buy some glasses?

Magic Mac Tricks

Learn how to use firewire target mode

Misc Tech Renders

A few extra things

Moon Diary

Skyrock Journal

The People of Moon Diary

These guys tend to have a good time, when given the opportunity.

Illustration by Curtis Randolph

A few random random illustrations and landscapes.

Illustrations by Charlie Daugherty

Vector Illustrations

that have proven the test of time.