So, what can you do for me?

We can do a lot of things! We would first like to ask what kind of client you are, and what you need. Click on topics in the list below to see detailed information for different types of projects.

I am part of a training organization and need to teach a complex topic to a large group of people.

Well, you've come to the right place! As a focused team of two, we have developed many hours of animated training material, and it has been the foundation of our business from the start.

Chances are you've seen a great deal of terrible training videos. When Bob & Bob started making training videos, we realized that part of the reason for this is that it is very difficult to make dull information interesting. "No duh," right? However, difficult is not the same thing as impossible, and we also realized if you really spend the time breaking information down to it's smallest components, anything can be explained engagingly. We Bobs are big proponents of education. As much as possible, we try to make information meaningful, encourage an exploratory approach, and focus audience attention; we also take notes on our own learning process while researching the video topic, in order to improve the final presentation.

In order to make a training video, we will need to understand the subject matter. We will need from you some combination of a finished script, the help of a Subject Matter Expert, and/or access to detailed information in written format. In the event that a finished script is not available, we can help to put it together and apply our experience in creating narration that appropriately matches the visuals. With the help of a Subject Matter Expert, we verify that our interpretations are correct early to minimize time wasted on corrections. Having written information available to us allows us to bother your Subject Matter Expert less often.

Once we have an understanding of the topic, we can begin production. We send you progress points for approval through out production in order to further minimize corrections later. We send to you for approval the final script, in some cases a finished story board, the final audio to be used, a collection of visuals used in the video known as a style guide, and rough drafts of the animation as it progresses. For audio, we can provide vocals and music, though you are welcome to provide your own! In some cases the use of recorded footage is appropriate - we have proficiency in using cameras and lighting and will incorporate recorded footage as necessary.

There may be some additional steps at the end depending on the final format, such as DVD production, making multiple resolutions, et cetera. But for the most part, that's it! You can then start counting the hours saved as you see lightbulbs start turning on in your students, and hearing them thank you for making it seem so simple.

If you are interested in working with us on a training video, go to our contact page to get a hold of us. We'd love to hear from you!

I am in a business, and need a product/service/organization visualized and explained compellingly.

When you need to convince someone to buy, sell, or invest, you need to be as persuasive as possible. We're glad to see you've recognized animation as an excellent avenue for this!

Chances are you've seen the proliferation of explanatory animations on websites all across the internet. When the average internet attention span is around 7 seconds, and explaining just a basic idea takes more like 14, you have to combine "presenting your idea quickly" and "extending audience attention" span by any means necessary. Our background in creating training videos on complex topics, and animations for entertainment value, makes us an excellent pick for developing these two factors. Not to mention our experience in 2D vector animation, 3D animation, frame-by-frame animation, and under-the-camera tricks makes us versatile enough to match your business's image.

In order to create an animated visualization of your product, service, or organization, we will first need to have a solid understanding of what it is ourselves. The more information you can provide, the better. We'll also want to know who your intended audience is and what the final viewing format will be. Finally, we'll want to know all about your business - what it does, what are its goals, what is its current image, and where you would like to see it progress to - so that we can create the ideal representation in the eyes of your audience.

Once we have this information, we'll want any existing scripts, audio, or storyboards so that we can begin production. If any of these elements do not already exist or are not complete, we can help put them together. Once there is an approved script, story board, and audio track, we start sleeping less in order to get you the best animated product in the least amount of time. We will keep you updated as often as you like, whether you want constant progress reports or just the essential information. Once the animation is done, we will do what we can to make sure your presentation of the material goes smoothly, and then wish you best of luck!

If you are interested in working with us on an animation, go to our contact page to get a hold of us. We'd love to hear from you!

I am a film maker who wants an animated segment for a documentary or intro/credit sequence.

Great! We love working with film makers because, as artists, we share a lot of the same problems and understand each other. We're honored that you would consider entrusting to us something as important as a scene in your film. We'll use a combination of 2D and 3D animation techniques to get your concept explained efficiently and entertainingly, and help set the mood for the rest of your film.

We'll want to know what the film is about, the style it's in, how it should feel when it's finished, the context our segment will be in, and everything else you already have developed. We'll also want to see any examples you've found from other films that we should consider for inspiration. The more the better, we're starving for information. We'll even want to know what your personal motivations and goals in making the film are, all so that we can gain enough understanding to not just deliver the sequence you're looking for, but exceed your expectations.

If you haven't already developed a story board, we'll work with you to get that and an animatic set up for your approval to make sure we're on the right track. If you'll let us, we would like to share our experience and techniques for conveying information, creating emotional effects, and cutting budget costs. You will always have the final say of course. We would prefer to not begin production of the animation until a near final draft of the segment audio can be provided, as adjusting timing later can end up being a costly procedure for animation. Once we do begin production, we will send you progress reports as little or as often as you like, to further ensure we are headed in the right direction and reduce the need for corrections. Once the segment is done, we will provide you a movie file in any format you need to seamlessly integrate it into the rest of your production.

If you are interested in working with us on an animated segment, go to our contact page to get a hold of us. We'd love to hear from you!

I would like to have an entertaining cartoon commissioned (possibly for educational purposes).

We love getting to work on cartoons, and if you're willing to invest in your idea, you better believe that we are willing to invest in you!

We've been making cartoons for years, went to college for cartoons, have had films screened in film festivals and have enjoyed a modest internet following for our work. Hopefully you have already seen our character animation reel, which should speak for itself. We will apply this knowledge to your concept and project goals, and another brilliant idea will be brought into reality.

We really want to see your cartoon succeed as much as you do, so we'll work with you every step of the way. If you'll let us, we'd love to offer our experience in developing everything from the character design down to the story itself. We will put together concept art, storyboards, animatics, or start from whatever stage in completion you are in. If you are intending the cartoon to have additional educational purposes, you can count on us to make sure that educational value stays at the forefront. We'll also send you work-in-progress videos as often as you like, to further ensure we are getting everything right and avoiding costly corrections down the road. Once the animation is done, we'll send it to you in any format you want for final publication. If all goes well, you should have a very happy audience (and maybe a smarter one, to boot!)

If you are interested in working with us on a cartoon, go to our contact page to get a hold of us. We'd love to hear from you!

I am in a band and want to have an animated music video commissioned for one of our songs.

Excellent! There's really not a whole lot to say, you just need to tell us your vision and your budget and then we can tell you if we can get it done. If it's feasible, we'll get a contract set up and get started right away. We'll send you progress updates as little or as often as you want, and are willing to work with you as a director or orchestrate the whole thing ourselves. Either way, it should be a blast!

Concerning budget, we understand that most musicians are financially limited. In some cases we are able to work on projects at significantly lower cost than industry standard. These cases are usually when a) we have nothing better to do at the moment and b) we like your song :). Hit us up, show us what you've got, we'd love to hear from you!

I am part of an animation/game studio and would like to subcontract you Bobs

Wow! We're really honored that you would like to work with us! We understand that you're only looking for the best around, and could have picked any number of other freelancers, so thanks!

Unfortunately, you probably know more about this process than we do. Contact us and tell us what you need. We love collaborating on projects, and we'd love to hear from you!

I would like consultation on animation, or would like to have an animation workshop instructed

If you're looking for just a bit of expert advice on animation principles, project workflow, or our professional opinion on how to improve an existing piece of animation, hit us up! We also make extensive use of the open source software Blender, and can impart valuable information in it's use or offer personalized training. If you are in the Chicago or Seattle areas we can meet in person. We are also available by Skype or phone, and we can probably even work something out over email. Go to our contact page and explain what you're looking for, and we'll find a way to help you out.

Are you looking for someone to teach an animation workshop? If you're in the Seattle area, you're in luck! Robert Charlie Daugherty has already led several training workshops in animation, and is always looking for another chance to communicate his passion for the art form. Go to the contact page and explain what you are looking for, and he'll find a way to make it happen.

I am none of these, I need something else. Can you still help me?

Probably! The list above demonstrates the kind of projects we are continually training for, but our skills can translate to a wide variety of projects. We've boiled down the scope of our business into 5 overlapping goals, along a spectrum of education to entertainment. If you share one or more of these goals with us, chances are we're a good match!

1) Reduce the effort to learning ratio

Making information easier to learn by presenting it clearly, engagingly, and through the stimulation of multiple parts of the brain at once. Our goal is to increase learning by emphasizing these qualities through the use of animation.

In an increasing complex world, the need for learning is growing. In the 1700s, graphs and diagrams were almost never used, and instead information would be described through only text. The benefits of visualization was roughly known, but was generally deemed unnecessary as the benefit in understanding did not outweigh the effort in creating one. Today, visuals are a necessity for acquiring the vast amount of information needed to get by. Animation is undergoing a similar transformation today. By being able to move objects through space and time, animation effectively adds 2 dimensions to the information that can be presented visually. It is our belief that we will continue to see a rise in the use of animation to explain ideas as the need to memorize more and more information increases.

2) Create a visual presentation that effectively educates or persuades

While still using text and audio, putting a specific focus on the use of visual language to communicate information. Our goal is to use our understanding of artistic principles to educate and persuade using composition, focus, metaphor, association, and emotional appeal.

We Bobs have a broad background in print design, sequential art, classical art training, and animation. Because of this, we have a strong understanding of the "visual language", and apply this knowledge to our media presentations. The result is a finished piece that "feels right", and leaves no ambiguity in the message, while communicating it quickly. Any visual is better than no visual at all, but we take the extra steps to explore multiple approaches and find the visual that communicates the fastest and most effectively. We also take pride in continually pushing ourselves to do it better than we ever have before.

3) Use high visual appeal to maintain audience attention

Draw a viewer in using compelling imagery, in order to convince an audience to pay attention to information they may otherwise glance over. Our goal is to create as strong a visual appeal we can for any topic, without overshadowing the topic itself.

We draw on our artistic backgrounds to create appeal. Appeal is something that is felt, not noticed, and only well understood after years of practice. This is a very important aspect of creating media for the modern world; there's nothing worse than preparing a huge amount of good information just to have it be ignored. As complicated as it can be, creating appeal is the "fun" part of our job, and we love doing it. We are cautious to make sure not to over do visuals, as the message can become lost behind glitz and tangents, and we will talk with you to custom fit the visual engagement to appropriately match your project.

4) Stand out from the competition by using high quality visuals

Give the audience not only a fun and useful experience, but demonstrate yourself as a contender and leader in your field through the use of high quality animation. Our goal is to create visuals that stand out, and which, through positive association, create a lasting impression of your organization that goes beyond the content of the animation.

There's no doubt about it, animation creates a rewarding user experience, and it's in demand; but it's also expensive. A consequence of this is that having an animation acts as a form of status symbol, and implies a strong and thriving organization. We are well aware that while we may be making a video on "The Use of Widgets", we are also creating an interpretation of your organization in the audience. Because of this, careful attention needs to be applied to the style, and nothing but the best quality we can muster will do. In the case of most promotions or advertisements, this is the primary goal in itself. The beauty of utilizing advertising techniques in non-ad projects is the audience doesn't even realize they're watching an ad!

5) Create appeal for the sake of creating appeal

This is the act of creating something "cool", "entertaining", or "artistic". It is the act of making animations simply because people like looking at them. Our goal is to not just entertain, but to create a sense of delight in the audience, to make something that stands out in their lives, maybe even make something meaningful.

What is included in appeal? Is it good story? Characters? Is it something that stimulates the mind? Something that keeps your interests? Is it amusing? Flashy? Shiny? Bold? Silly? It can be all these, some of these, or entirely different things altogether. And, of course, each person is going to have a different idea of what it is. We can only really claim to know what appeals to us. However, if what appeals to us appeals to you, we would like to work with you! Check out the portfolio page to see all the work we are most proud of.


I'm looking at several different studios right now. Why should I work with you guys?

Because we're so darn likable. :) Also, check out our projects page to see some recommendations from previous clients, if you're not yet convinced.

Can I just see a list of what specific services you provide? Like all the other media house websites?

Sure! You're the boss! Here you go.